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FIVE PIECE SPECIAL OFFER Please Contact Us With Details 1-5 Below.

1 x Ghost Helmet Choice Of Colours,          ECER 22-05 Approved & Stamped Or Flip Front Helmet!

1 x Trail Master Jacket                                 EC Approved

1 x Comfort Jeans                                        EC Approved

1 x Traveller Boots                                       EC Approved

1 x Waterproof Gloves Choice Of Colours   EC Approved

Please Allow 3-7 Workiing Days For Delivery


All Five Pieces Can be purchased individually, Go through website and pick your sizes, colours.

1-5 Listed Below.

And Give Us The Following Details.

(1) Helmet Colour & Size

(2) Traill Master Jacket Size

(3) Comfort Jeans Size  –  For Ladies Damsel Jeans Size.

(4) Traveller Boots Size

(5) Gloves Coloour & Size

Additional information

Weight 30 kg